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See lyrics below: Crúisín Lán, a traditional Irish song dating back to the 1850's or earlier. Practice version for our upcoming 4th album! ©2017 Irish Roots Cafe. All sound and video is either used with permission; in the public domain; or property of The Irish Roots Cafe. False copyright claims are actionable. We feature weekly videos on Irish Genealogy; History, Heraldry and Old Style 'sean nos' song, with leading author Michael C. O'Laughlin. Founded in 1978 with headquarters at Subscribe here: Let the farmer praise his grounds Let the huntsman praise his hounds Let the shepherd praise his dewy-scented lawn But I, more wise then they, spend each happy night and day with me darling little cruiscín lán, lán, lán, With me darling little cruiscín lán. Chorus Oh, gradh mo chroi mo cruiscín Slainte geal Mauver-neen, Gradh mo chroi mo cruiscín lán, lán, lán, Oh gradh mo chroide mo cruiscín lán. Immortal and divine, grey haired Bachus, god of wine Create me by adoption, your own son In hopes that you'll comply, that my glass shall ne'er run dry Nor me darlin' little cruiscín lán, lán, lán, Nor me darlin' little cruiscín lán. Chorus... And when grim death appears In a few but happy years He'll whisper,"Won't you come along with me? "I'll say, "Begone ye knave, for King Bacchus gave me leave to fill another cruiscín lán, lán, lán, to fill another cruiscín lán. Chorus... So Lets lift our glasses high That our lips shall ne'er run dry Though the lark declares the early morning dawn. And since we can't remain, Until we meet again To have another cruiscín lán, lán, lán, To have another cruiscín lán. Chorus...

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