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See lyrics below. ©2017 Irish Roots Cafe. All sound and video is either used with permission; in the public domain; or property of The Irish Roots Cafe. False copyright claims are actionable. We feature weekly videos on Irish Genealogy; History, Heraldry and Old Style 'sean nos' song, with leading author Michael C. O'Laughlin. Founded in 1978 with headquarters at Subscribe here: American Lyrics to this Tune which also has Irish lyrics: The Girl I Left Behind Me I struck the trail in seventy-nine The herd strung out behind me As I jogged along my mind went back To the gal I left behind If I ever get off the trail, boys And the Indians they don't find me I'll make my way straight back again To the gal I left behind me Oh, that gal that pretty little gal The gal I left behind me That sweet little gal, that pretty little gal The gal I left behind me The wind did blow and the rain did flow The hail did fall and blind me And I thought of that gal, that sweet little gal, That gal I'd left behind me She wrote ahead to a place I said And I was glad to find it She says "I'm true, when you get through Ride back and you will find me" When we sold out I took the train I knew that I would find her When I got back, we had a smack And I'm no gol-darned liar

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