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©2017 Irish Roots Cafe. All sound and video is either used with permission; in the public domain; or property of The Irish Roots Cafe. False copyright claims are actionable. We feature weekly videos on Irish Genealogy; History, Heraldry and Old Style 'sean nos' song, with leading author Michael C. O'Laughlin. Founded in 1978 with headquarters at Subscribe here: Show 139 Among Todays Topics at the Hedge School: 1) Dunseath is the family name of the day ! 2) Hello Fada, accent on the Irish 3) Londonderry Lands and Families 4) Irish drivers report themselves the best 5) Latest Irish DNA studies on Ireland 6) Derry City and Murals: Video of the Week. 7) Carrying the turf, sponsor the Hedge School ! Listen to all of our podcasts on the iTunes Irish Provider Page at: This Weeks Audio Timeline Todays Topics: 1:00 Notes from Mike: 2:00 One Minute Podcast: 4:00 Book of the Month: 6:30 The Magnificent Seven: 9:30 Irish Name of the Day: 11:30 Sources: 15:30 Websites of the Week: 16:30 Curious News and Notes: 18:30 Total Time: 25:50

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