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©2009..2017 Mike O'Laughlin. All audio and video appearing here is in the public domain, or used with permission, or property of the Irish Roots Cafe. False copyright claims are actionable. We feature weekly videos on Irish Genealogy; History, Heraldry and Old Style 'sean nos' song, with leading author Michael C. O'Laughlin. Founded in 1978 with headquarters at Show 142 Among Todays Topics at the Hedge School: 1) The Irish Family Name of the Week: Keleher 2) Rare name of the week: Mowbray 3) Wild Geese Heritage Musuem 4) 500,000 Irish in which South American Country ? 5) They have spotted a rare ice berg of this coast in Ireland ! 6) Early Films in Ireland explained 7) Cork Ireland, books and video Listen to all of our podcasts on the iTunes Irish Provider Page at: This Weeks Audio Timeline Todays Topics: 1:00 Notes from Mike: 2:00 One Minute Podcast: 4:00 Book of the Month: 6:30 The Magnificent Seven: 9:30 Irish Name of the Day: 11:30 Sources: 15:00 Websites of the Week: 16:30 Curious News and Notes: 18:30 Total Time: 25:50 Subscribe here:

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