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Heraldic history from Mike O'Laughlin

            The First Irish Roll of Arms

 " I first compiled the list of names from the Book of Arms compiled by Sir James Terry, Athlone Herald (1690).  Numerous Irish Families are found fleeing to the continent in this era. (‘King James Irish Army List’, by d’Arcy, is of interest for researching these ‘Wild Geese’). They fled to the continent in great numbers after the Fall of Limerick. 

   The names in this roll of arms were mostly those that began with an ‘O’, Mc, or Mac anciently.  It is quite different from the other works showing Irish coats of arms.  In fact, up to the 20th century and the coming of the Irish Free State, most names in the heralds books bear other than Irish origins......."


                 The Names

  We included the 300+ surnames from Terrys work as a starting point for the native Irish in the Book of Arms.  The names are familiar: 

Mac arty

O Brien

O Carroll


O Neill

O Donel

Mac Donel

O Conor Kerry

O Seagnasey


Mac Murcha

O Driscol

O Dempsey

Mac Mahon

Mac ann

O Dwyer

O Donel, Ramaltan

Mac Gula Padrige

O Conor Roe

O Ronan

Mac Dermot

Mac Swiny Duag

O Conor, Cocomroe

O Fallan...

...and so on in the spelling of the day.

More on Irish Coats of Arms and Heraldry 


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