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 1) Irish Genealogy Books by County
     (My Very simple guide books for you)

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Antrim: County Antrim
Armagh: County Armagh
Carlow: Kildare..Wick..Carlow
Cavan: Co. Cavan, Leitrim
Clare: County Clare
Cork: County Cork genealogy
Derry: County Derry Genealogy
Donegal: Co. Donegal Gen.
Down:County Down Genealogy
Dublin: Dublin County/city
Fermanagh: Fermanagh/ Louth
Galway: Co. Galway, Gen.
Kerry: County Kerry Gen.
Kildare:Kildare, Wick, Carlow
Kilkenny: County Kilkenny 
Kings: Kings Co., Queens Co.
Leitrim: Co. Cavan, Leitrim
Limerick: Co Limerick
Longford: County Longford
Louth: Fermanagh & Louth
Mayo: County Mayo
Meath: Meath, Westmeath
Monaghan: Co. Monaghan
Offaly: Kings and Queens
Queens: Kings and Queens
Roscommon: Roscommon
Sligo: County Sligo
Tipperary: County Tipperary
Tyrone: County Tyrone
Waterford: Co. Waterford
Westmeath:Meath, Westmeath
Wexford: County Wexford
:Kildare, Wick, Carlow

More Genealogy Books available:
The Birth Index of Ireland
The 1659 Census of Ireland
The Scottish 'Macs'
The Milesian Families of Ireland
Families of the Clanna Rory
The Irish Book of Arms

History & genealogy Books Available:
Annals of Ireland by the 4 Masters (set)

Keatings 'History of Ireland' (set)
Missouri Irish, the original history
Irish Families on the California Trail

See all of our Books at

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Top family research tips from the leading author in the field, Mike O'Laughlin. Irish...

The best of our hedge school series on Irish History, with Peter and Mike all on one CD...

Traditional Song, Dance, Ballads, Recitation. The 10 selections this year : A Nation...

Focus on Genealogy and History. All of season one videos included on one disk for the...

The original history, based on the 1st book of its kind. From the earliest times,...

Notes on the Irish language for fun and for real, before you take your first Irish class....

From the Irish Roots Cafe and Hedge School. The Best of our First Year packed into this...

One disk for each field of study at the Irish Hedge School, 5 CD's and 1 DVD: (1) Irish...

Genealogy and family history notes.Pick from list shown. spiral bound, 8 1/2 x 11, with...

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