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FAQ Questions

Q.What is the tartan for my Irish Family?  There are no tartans historically connected to Irish Families.  Tartans are  Scottish.  

Q.  Can I order books from your full site too ?

View my books  here . Click on book title, then add to shopping cart on next page.


Q.  How to Trace Ancestors to Ireland ? 

First, find your Irish county of origin. See my  genealogy blog, and podcasts for more. Our beginners guide is free to members.

Q.  Can I join your Cafe & Hedge School ?

Yes !  Sign up on here on our secure membership page, or mail to me: Mike O’Laughlin, Box 7575, Kansas City, MO 64116 

‘Mc’ is Scottish/ ‘Mac’ is Irish?

They are both the same!  They mean ‘son of’ or ‘descendant of’). You will find both used in Ireland and Scotland.


Q.  What does ‘Sean Nós’ Song mean ?

Sean Nós simply means ‘Old Style’. It is very distinctive.  The 3rd season of our Irish Song podcast features Sean Nós songs and singers here: My Sean Nós Song page.


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